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Virtual Office in Korea

Virtual Office in Korea

A virtual office allows entrepreneurs to have a business presence in South Korea, without the inconvenience of renting or buying a specific location. Our experts in Korean company registration matters can help you with a virtual address, answering services, and with legal information concerning the set-up of a company in this country.  If you want to run your operations in the Korean capital, we advise using a virtual office in Seoul

 Quick Facts  
Address availability A virtual office can be used as an official address by a Korean company.

 Local phone number (YES/NO)

Yes, a local phone number is available no matter the package chosen.

 Company registered address use possibility (YES/NO)

Yes, it can be used as a legal address for company formation in Korea.

Mail collection and forwarding option (YES/NO) Yes, however, this facility is available on request.
Meeting room availability (YES/NO)

Yes, however, prior reservation is required (it is advisable to request such a service a few days ahead).

Virtual assistant option (YES/NO)

Yes, it is possible to request a virtual assistant.

Uses of a virtual office

The virtual office can be used as:

– a legal address for company incorporation,

– a contact point by local companies in other cities and by foreign companies that are not established in Korea,

– a secondary address by Korean companies

Documents required to acquire the service

Contract between the client and the service provider

 Customized services availability (YES/NO) 

Yes, it is possible to personalize a virtual office service in Korea.

Availability in one or more cities Virtual offices are available in Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daegu, etc.
Timeframe to acquire the service (approx.)

Several days, depending on the requirements of the client

Employee required

Not mandatory, however, employees can be relocated.

Availability of other services

– bank account statement collection,

– correspondence sorting and forwarding etc.

Minimum rental period

 Minimum rental is one month. Please note that this is usually a short or mid-term service.


– easy to obtain with minimum documentation,

– access to premium locations (business centers),

– customizable facilities and options,

– low prices compared to office rental services

Why opt for a virtual office in Korea?

You should know that the virtual office is a much cheaper way to start a company than the traditional one. Foreign investors can choose to purchase a virtual office package in South Korea (which includes a local address, a local phone number and other useful services) and they can use the local address for registering their company in the country. This way, they won’t have to pay large amounts of money on renting a local office or purchasing a property.

The costs saved by opting for a virtual office in Korea can be invested by the entrepreneur in other directions of development for the business.

If you would like to start a company in this country, our specialists in Korea company registration are ready to explain to you more aspects about the services included ina virtual office.

You can rely on our immigration lawyers in South Korea for assistance in moving here.

We are also at your service with bookkeeping services. While this may not be the most complex task A Korean accountant can undertake, it is very important to keep all incoming and outgoing invoices in order for when drafting balance sheets. If you are interested in this solution, contact us! We also offer assistance in immigration to Korea.

Main virtual office services offered by our company formation team in South Korea

The main virtual office services provided by our team to both local and foreign businessmen in South Korea are the following:

  • prestigious address in any city of South Korea;
  • registered office – useful for opening a company in South Korea;
  • local phone number which may have a very good effect on your visibility;
  • mail collection and forwarding;
  • voice mailbox – all voice messages will be forwarded by email.

Besides these services, businessmen can also opt for certain additional services, such as:

  • call redirecting;
  • dedicated fax service;
  • extra usage of the meeting room.

Our immigration lawyers in South Korea are at your disposal with guidance in moving here. Certain conditions apply to applications for resident permits that are issued for temporary stays. However, obtaining them can enable you to establish long-term residency in South Korea. However, some of them come with restrictions, such as employment visas, while others can be obtained without any condition, such as investment visas.

One service, multiple uses

Korean virtual office can be used is several ways and is a good temporary substitute for the more expensive traditional rent. We list the following as some of its applications:

  1. a temporary legal location for the duration of the company’s incorporation process (we remind investors of this);
  2. a place of business that makes it easier for users to contact customers;
  3. a point of contact for the user’s business partners;
  4. a place of business for solitary proprietors who wish to project a professional image and be accessible.

The main benefit of having a virtual office in Seoul is that such offices are frequently situated in business centers, and they contribute to maintaining a good reputation for the user. Easy to find, having an address in such an office will also help in receiving any correspondence as quickly as possible.

If you want to open a company in Korea and decide to use a virtual office as a legal address, you can rely on our consultants for advice.

According to the Korean corporate tax laws, all Korean businesses must use specific methods to record their financial transactions and enter them into computerized accounting software. In order to minimize costs by creating an entire department, many of them choose to outsource tax-related services to specialized accountants in South Korea.

The virtual office in Seoul –  a great alternative to a traditional rent for company formation

Having a legal address for the company is critical and the first thing to deal with when starting a business in Korea because finding a suitable site may be challenging even in a big city like Seoul. Small business owners are usually interested in investing in the enterprise instead of an expensive rent, which is why the virtual office is a great place to start and then move to more suitable premises.

Even though it is an actual office space, the Korean virtual office is in fact a service that saves the user money because it doesn’t require ongoing maintenance from the customer, which is why it a great alternative to renting an entire floor in a business center or even a building at the beginning of the operations.

Please mind that the virtual office in Seoul is only a temporary solution until you can move your business to a permanent establishment. If you are interested in immigration to South Korea, our lawyers can help you.

Are you planning to immigrate to Korea? You can definitely rely on our local specialists who can offer support during the first and intermediary stages of the relocation process. We also provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of those who come here for work or business purposes.

You can use a virtual office as a contact point

As already noted, a virtual office in Korea has many applications because it is a flexible service accessible to businesses and single entrepreneurs who wish to benefit from what technology and the virtual world have to offer.

For individuals who need an address where they can receive or send mail to/from and have business contacts, associates, or clients, a virtual office in Seoul is a good choice. Depending on the needs of the client, the service can be acquired for a shorter or longer timeframe due to high flexibility.

For entrepreneurs and small businesses that need reputable addresses, the virtual office is an excellent option, especially from a financial point of view.

Foreign investors can now choose to work with professionals in a virtual office without hiring any staff. Without worrying about how much they would have to invest in a traditional office space, they may also select the business center where they want to have their registered address.

There are numerous possibilities with various prices if you require a virtual office. For assistance in making the best decision, contact our business registration agents in Korea.

Immigration to South Korea is also available through a self-employment visa. The immigration point system will be used to evaluate your application for this type of permit. A specific long-term stay F-2-7 visa, which is frequently obtained by expats and grants rights very similar to having a permanent residency status.

Here is a video on the Korean virtual office:

How much does it cost to rent office space in Seoul?

According to data gathered by Statista.com:

  • at the level of 2018, the average monthly rent per square meter in a prime business location in Seoul was 28,300 KRW ( approx. 21,6 USD) ;
  • other prices ranged between18,700 KRW (approx. 14,3 USD)  and 21,900 KRW (approx. 16,7 USD);
  • the cheapest rent was 16,400 KRW (approx. 12,5 USD);
  • at the level of 2021, the average price per square meter was 22,400 KRW (approx. 17 USD) in Seoul.

Don’t hesitate to contact our consultants in company formation in Korea in order to receive a personalized virtual office package and to speed up and simplify the process of setting up a company in this country.