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Obtaining Residence Permit in Korea

Obtaining Residence Permit in Korea

One of the wealthiest countries in the world, South Korea has attracted more than one million of expats who mostly live in Seoul. If you intend to become one of them, our company formation advisors in Korea present, in this article, a few key aspects related to obtaining the residence permit in Korea. We also have a team of immigration lawyers in South Korea who will help you apply for such a permit.

Who can obtain the permanent residency in Korea?

According to the Immigration Bureau, the following individuals can obtain the permanent resident permit in Korea:

• The adults who have lived in the country with an F-2 status for more than five years, and meet the following criteria:

     o they are financially able to sustain themselves and their families; and

     o they can prove they have a good behavior and respect the local traditions of Korea;

• The individuals who have invested in excess of USD 500,000 in the country and have lived in this jurisdiction with a D-8 status for at least three years, while generating employment opportunities for local citizens. Our Korea company formation consultants can offer more information related to this matter. We can also help investors who want to open a company in Korea;

• Entrepreneurs who invested in excess of USD 5,000,000 in the country and who are considered appropriate for the permanent residency by the Justice Minister; or

• Persons who contributed with special achievements to the country and whose achievements are recognized by the Justice Minister.

Our immigration lawyers in Korea can offer information on the different types of residence permits.

Documents required for the permanent residence permit in Korea

When it comes to immigration to Korea and obtaining a permanent residence permit, the following documents are required:

• An application form;

• An alien registration card;

• A valid passport;

• A passport photo;

• Other documents: our Korea company registration consultants can provide more details on what these other documents consist of.

Applying for a permanent residence permit with the purpose of immigration to South  Korea can be effectuated when the applicant is in or outside the country. However, the process of obtaining this permit could be easier if the application is done before leaving Korea.

If you require further details about obtaining the residence permit in Korea, or for assistance in starting a business in Korea, please get in touch with us. We can also help you get in touch with lawyers in other countries if you need legal services for immigration.