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Buy a Shelf Company in Korea

Buy a Shelf Company in Korea

The purchasing of a shelf company is a decision that many investors take when they want to start a business activity in Korea as fast as possible. The ready-made company in this country gives you the possibility to enter much quicker the local market than if you follow the entire procedure of company registration. Our consultants in company formation in Korea are ready to explain to you all the steps that you need to take when purchasing a shelf company in this country and they can elaborate for you all the documentation required. You can also rely on us for  relocation to Korea. Employment is one of the most common routes for immigration to South Korea. Your qualifications and job offer will determine the kind of work permit and job visa you receive in South Korea. You have several choices for a long-term employment visa, among which the professor, research, or special profession work permits.

Reasons to buy a shelf company in Korea

The shelf company has legal autonomy so it gives investors all independence in the managing of their business objectives, compared to a subsidiary or branch in which the parent company keeps its authority in the central issues. Secondly, the time it takes to establish a new business is longer than if you buy an enterprise which is already registered with the Korean authorities. A functional company can offer you as well a name which is already familiar on the local market as well as a group of loyal customers, regardless whether you intend to keep the domain of the company or change it.

Other advantage when buying a ready-made company in Korea is the longevity it has on the local market, as it can also ensure immigration to South Korea. If the company that you purchase has clean records, your investment will enjoy trust from the authorities, from the local public as well as from banks and insurance companies. 

Our Korea company formation specialists can perform for you a due diligence service before you decide which shelf company to purchase, so that you can make sure you avoid investing in the wrong business. You obtain more information on how to move here by acquiring such a business from our immigration lawyers in South Korea.

If you are interested in moving to South Korea, do not hesitate to get in touch with our local lawyers for guidance on the available types of visas. Based on your decision, we will then assist you with the application process. Following your stay here for a number of years you will become eligible for residency in South Korea.

We can also help you with accounting services. Our team is made of skilled accountants in South Korea who are at the service of both local and foreign business owners who want to comply with the financial regulations here in order to make sure they do not miss financial statement filing deadlines.

Although there is no formal scheme for citizenship by investment, investing can result in permanent residency in Korea. Furthermore, there are various ways through this such a permit can be obtained. They depend on the amount invested which is linked to the validity of the investor visa. Feel free to contact our lawyers for information.

How to buy a shelf company in Korea?

In Korea ready-made companies can be bought based on a sale purchase contract. Our consultants in company registration in Korea can verify for you whether the enterprise you intend to buy represents a safe investment. Moreover they can elaborate the contract so that every paragraph to be clear or they can analyze the agreement you receive from the seller. In this way you won’t be at risk of signing disadvantageous conditions.

When you decide to buy a shelf company in Korea you can as well get informed on the taxation system in this country. You can also ask our specialists whether the legal form of the ready-made company is suitable for your business objectives.

We give businesses all the assistance they need to carry out crucial tasks that might not fall under their core competencies. Employing professionals for outsourcing will save costs, risks, and time, especially for small businesses. This is also the case with the accounting matters of a company, a case where our accountants in South Korea can help.

Don’t hesitate to contact our company formation firm and our immigration lawyers in Korea in order to get prepared for the purchase of a shelf company in this state, respectively to move here. You must submit several supporting documents, such as a valid passport, job contract, a letter of student sponsorship, or anything admissible, when you immigrate to Korea. The entire process can be overseen by one of our lawyers who specializes in such matters. Do not hesitate to contact us for information on how we can help you.

We are at your service with tailored solutions relates to immigration to Korea. Our lawyers can provide a wide range of services for both people who are relocating here for the first time and for those who are returning for various purposes. As each case is particular, so are our services we put at their disposal.